New ChatGPT 4o Guidebook: AI-Generated Videos and More
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New ChatGPT 4o Guidebook: AI-Generated Videos and More

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Humanity's essence lies in our thinking abilities, and artificial intelligence (AI) amplifies that great quality. Remember the famous cartoon "Courage the Cowardly Dog"? The computer Courage uses reminds us of something familiar, right? Who knew the modern world would have a similar program, a.k.a. Chat GPT?

Once again, OpenAI has pushed the boundaries. They did this by introducing its latest flagship model, Open AI ChatGPT-4o. This groundbreaking development marks a new era in the world of AI. It's vital to understand its impact on businesses.

The AI race is heating up. Tech giants like Google and Microsoft are vying for dominance. This latest news from OpenAI is sure to shake things up. ChatGPT-4o will start at a new time. In this time, collaboration would be easy and interaction smooth like butter.

The latest and greatest: Introducing ChatGPT 4o

In the latest model, GPT-4o - where 'o' stands for 'omni' - OpenAI has combined voice, text, and visuals into one single model. This allows GPT-4o to be faster than its previous version. OpenAI states that the new model is twice as fast and significantly more efficient.

Why use New ChatGPT-4o?

  • Optimized to understand and respond to user inputs more effectively.

  • It is better at maintaining context in long conversations. This ensures relevant and coherent responses.

  • GPT-4o gives exact and fitting answers. This makes conversations more natural and useful.

  • Versatility is key. It can handle many topics and tasks. It can answer questions, give advice, and do creative writing.

  • New ChatGPT-4o is a better version of GPT-4. It's designed for chat applications to improve user interactions.


Key Features



Basic language understanding

Foundational language model


Improved coherence and context handling

Better text generation


Huge leap with 175 billion parameters

Highly accurate across many tasks, drew significant attention


Vision capabilities, multi-language support, context-aware responses

Understands and creates visual content, sets new standards for AI chatbots

Who can use the new GPT-4o model?

The GPT-4o model is innovative, and users can access it without buying the premium version. It offers many opportunities for businesses and showcases its true capabilities.

For Free ChatGPT Users

  • GPT-4o will become the default AI powering the free ChatGPT experience.

  • Access will be restricted. It will have limits on Chat GTP’s premium features like vision, file uploads, and data analysis.

For ChatGPT Plus Subscribers

  • Premium users will gain unrestricted, comprehensive access to Chat GPT-4o's full suite of capabilities.

  • No feature limitations, allowing them to harness the model's complete potential.

For Application Developers

  • Developers can integrate GPT-4o into their applications via OpenAI's API.

  • This will let them use the model's many strengths for their own tasks and solutions.

For Desktop Computing

  • GPT-4o has been added to desktop apps. They include a dedicated app for Apple's macOS, launched on May 13th.

  • Bringing the power of these advanced AI features like AI-generated videos to users' personal computers.

For Enterprises and Organizations

  • The ability to create custom GPT-4o versions is key. They align with specific business needs and departments. This will include AI generated videos, messages and more.

  • These customized models can potentially be offered to users through OpenAI's GPT Store.

For Early Adopters and Explorers

  • You can preview new Chat GPT-4o's abilities in the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Studio. The studio is made for inputs with many modes, such as text and vision.

  • Azure OpenAI Service customers can test the model in a controlled environment. There are plans for further expansion.

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What are the features of the new Chat GPT 4o?

This is an infographic that talks about the features of Chat GPT 4o.

Next-Level Natural Language Capabilities

GPT-4o has better language skills. It lets you have natural conversations and give clear answers to hard questions. Its multilingual support allows seamless communication across languages like English and Italian.

Vision Capability

A standout feature is its vision capability. GPT-4o can read and write text based on visual inputs, like screenshots. It's like having an AI that truly understands visuals.

Voice mode

Voice mode turns GPT-4o into a virtual assistant. It lets you use voice for tasks like reminders and information lookups. Real-time processing ensures quick and efficient responses.

Real-Time Processing

This feature is a result of CTO Mira Murati and CEO Sam Altman's vision. GPT-4o excels at providing instantaneous responses, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience. This real-time capability is invaluable. It's for situations needing quick feedback, like customer support or live chats. It works with tools like ChatGPT, iPad, and platforms like Omni. This shows its versatility.

Multiple Language Support

Breaking language barriers, ChatGPT-4o understands over 50 languages. It's your multilingual companion, ready to help no matter where you travel. From start to finish, this AI assistant ensures language won't stop you from accomplishing tasks.

Creating 3D models

GPT-4o can also generate 3D models from text prompts in less than 30 seconds. This feature helps with fast prototyping. It lets you make and see detailed models. You don't need special software or lots of technical knowledge.

Transcription of historical texts

GPT-4o has advanced image recognition. Users have used it in many creative ways. These include using it to transcribe old writings dating back to the year 1800. This feature allows for the easy conversion of historical documents into digital formats.

Room for Innovation

OpenAI continues to innovate with models like Gemini. They aim for GPT-4 level intelligence and beyond. This cements their position in the world of cutting-edge AI.

Use Cases Of ChatGPT 4o

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“We’re at the beginning of a golden age of AI. Recent advancements have already led to inventions that previously lived in the realm of science fiction — and we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible,”

-Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO.

New Chat GPT has already been adopted by multiple industries, here are some:

1. Finance:

Companies like Morgan Stanley Wealth Management use GPT-4. It helps them streamline their knowledge base. It gives wealth managers efficient access to information. This helps them make well-informed decisions.

2. Education:

GPT-4 helps make educational content. It also does personalized tutoring and language learning. It also supports services like Chegg Inc.'s CheggMate. CheggMate offers AI-enhanced learning help to students.

3. Customer Service:

GPT-4 powers chatbots. They make customer interactions accurate and empathetic. It does sentiment analysis to understand customer feedback. It uses social media inputs to make service improvements.

4. Content Creation and Marketing:

GPT-4 makes high-quality content. It can be blog posts, social media captions, or marketing emails. It tailors them to customer preferences and improves engagement.

5. Healthcare:

GPT-4 helps with diagnostic imaging. It analyzes medical data and literature. It aids in personalized medicine and drug discovery by simulating molecular interactions.

6. Software Development:

GPT-4 helps with code generation and documentation. It also finds bugs, tests, and troubleshoots for platform developers. This leads to better productivity and code quality.

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Imagine a scenario where GPT-4o seamlessly collaborates with custom fine-tuned models and pre-trained open-source models, creating powerful enterprise applications. The ability to process visual data alongside text inputs creates a fluid interface, unlocking a wealth of opportunities across various industries.

Faster performance and visual inputs – Open AI 4GPT-4o revolutionizes computer vision workflows. Developers can integrate custom models and open-source tools to create powerful enterprise apps. Multiple inputs, one fluid interface – a game-changer for AI applications.

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OpenAI has made impressive upgrades to GPT-4o. It's twice as fast, 50% cheaper to run, and can handle five times more requests. GPT-4o also boasts a larger context window (128K) and a single multimodal model. These improvements empower developers to tackle complex AI applications effortlessly.

Yes, ChatGPT-4o will be free for all users for a certain time frame. However, paid plans will offer significantly higher capacity limits, up to five times more than the free tier. This caters to Chat GPT premium users with high-volume needs.

Unlike humans, GPT-4 cannot learn from experiences. It cannot adapt to new problems or improve solutions over time. This restricts its problem-solving abilities in dynamic situations.

GPT-4o outperforms GPT-4 in several aspects. It's faster, more cost-effective, and can handle higher workloads. GPT-4o also seamlessly integrates various input types. These advantages make it a more powerful and versatile tool for developers compared to GPT-4.