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Building Intuitive Digital Spaces with Information Architecture

Without information architecture, a website is a content black hole. But, with organization, labelling, and clear channels, you have a structured solar system.

Your website’s information architecture (IA), is its backbone. Essentially, it’s your sitemap, your navigation, your menu systems, your content layout, and the pathways you create to direct users to new pages. The goal of developing an optimized IA is to create intuitive and user-friendly website experiences for your audience. In turn, you’ll be creating memorable ventures that translate into positive usage metrics, brand awareness, brand recall, brand trust, and conversions.

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Let Your Users Find What They Need, When They Need It

Optimizing your IA comes with a host of benefits. From improving your user experience and increasing your engagement potential to improving your search engine optimization (SEO), simplifying content management, and enhancing brand perceptions. 

One of the starting points for optimizing your site’s IA is to audit and re-design your navigational structure based on the three pillars of IA:

The way users interpret the words they read. Hence, the importance of using familiar ontologies and syntax to promote ideal user journeys.
The schema of words with their hierarchical context, most effective within the main navigation where it’s advised to keep between 3 and 7 options.
The journey mapping for your users. You want to capture and maintain their attention by keeping their user journey to 4 clicks and under. 
TRU Design for Clarity and Ease

At TRU, we don’t just update your navigation. We simplify internal structures, clean hosting systems, define audience segments, target communities, and direct users to the next step.

Our team of experienced marketers, designers, and developers will work closely with you to create a customized information architecture that meets your unique needs and supports your business goals. We'll use a data-driven approach, incorporating user research and analytics data to ensure the final product is effective and user-friendly.

It’s important for us to craft the meaningful interactions your users will have with your digital brand through effective IA. Following in webmaster footprints, we work relentlessly in 10 stages to keep up with evolving intuitions among varying audience demographics that demand fluid and changing discourse. 

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Step 1

Current architectural review

Step 2

Market research

Step 3

Competitor structural audit

Step 4

Review of best practices

Step 5

Develop new navigation

Step 10

Improvements from data

Step 9

Engagement data listening

Step 8

Implement supporting IA

Step 7

Complementary content strategy

Step 6

Re-allocate content

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10 simple steps could be the difference between your users leaving your website and your users engaging with your content, navigating seamlessly, and converting.

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Building the Foundation For Your Digital Hub

Sheridan Nurseries logo
Sheridan Nurseries

Our team re-architected the Sheridan Nurseries site to incorporate its “Plant Guide”; and, since launching in February 2022, the brand has seen its highest-ever rate of engagement.

Cloudloop logo

Requiring a new way to present its growing list of services to prospective clients, our team delivered a first-class navigational structure that would enable growth in February 2023.

Sobeys black logo image

With a new domain set to promote the regeneration of its “Ready for You” food line, we completed a competitor and webmaster audit in early 2023 allowing us to deliver its new optimized IA.

The beer store black logo image
The Beer Store

In 2019, we provided The Beer Store with an effective IA implementation strategy for their “For Beer Lovers” section to improve engagement rates in their newest content pieces.

At TRU, we’ve been providing businesses around the globe with optimized digital platforms to host information, products, services, and more for over a decade.
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